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About Us


Hi! We're Ash & Katy! Welcome to our podcast, we hope you enjoy what you hear.

We met each other back in 2006, at the boarding school we attended for high school. We definitely had an interesting experience as teenagers, to say the least. Even though we went to a school that was meant to prepare us for "real life", that life as we knew it is not the world that we exist in today. We feel the need to constantly educate ourselves about many topics that were never covered in school or by the adults in our lives.

That's why we created this podcast. We used to do all of this research and have these discussions for ourselves, but we know that other people out there are probably feeling the same apathy towards our education as we do. Join us as we discuss everything under the sun, to educate ourselves, and grow to be more empathetic humans.

Meet Your Hosts


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I am a surprisingly private person for someone who opted to make a podcast with her best friend. Follow me on Tiktok!


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Hi folks! Ashley here! I am a hairstylist turned funeral home office manager. I am also running for local office in my town.

I live with my husband and our rescue chihuahua, Chalupa Batman. On my days off, I like to enjoy baking, hiking, volunteering, and going to farmer's markets. I am 100 percent a plant lady! I also want to do good in the world, and spread the message of peace for humanity and taking care of this one planet we have.

Katy and I, like a lot of millennials, love to have deep & introspective conversations about our lives, the current state of the world around us, and the vast history of our planet. We figured since we love to research these kinds of topics, we would share our findings with the world. We try to grow as humans in our empathy for others, and our communication within our own relationships & humanity as a whole.

We hope you enjoy our podcast & thanks for listening!

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